Monday, March 2, 2009

Rihanna & Chris Brown Back Again


I'm so not happy about this!  If you haven't already heard or seen pictures, Chris Brown and Rihanna are currently back together again "working things out" in Miami aT one of Diddy's houses.  They looked like everything was all cool, jet-skiing and what not...and their friends were joining in on the fun.

The F*CK?!

Didn't he beat the crap out of you [Rihanna] already?  Hasn't anyone learned from Ike & Tina, Bobby & Whitney?  I just don't understand how they can get back together and chillax like nothing happened.  It's not like he grabbed her or hit her one time (not that I'm excusing that kind of behavior) but he BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HER.  She was hurt so badly that she needed medical attention and her face damn-near looked like a corpse (click HERE to see the picture).  I'm just saying, if I were Rihanna, I would press charges and not want to see his abusing ass, let alone kick it on a pretty beach as if we were a couple again.  It is not okay for a man to hit or beat a woman, and vice versa.  Leave the violence alone, increase the peace!  

And to Rihanna: Watch out, he may strike again!

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Myke B said...

lol i love it when you keep it real. remember that one time i heard you soething very inappropriate about Chris Brown at the New Year' party??? lmao ahahahaha. whooooo!