Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nivea...are you SERIOUS???

I know interviews don't have to be super formal, and sometimes, they can get a little goofy. BUT DAMN. Nivea was off in another world in this interview.  She had to have been on something when they interviewed her.

And can we talk about her getup?  From head to toe, it's like "HELL NO!" She has blonde, burgundy, brown, and even blue pieces up in her hair!  And the shawl, or whatever the hell that sequin thing is, not the business.  I think she was trying to match her eye shadow, which was a no-no as well.  I'm just speaking how I feel....

But I must admit, this girl is a really good singer.
Okay and Don't Mess With My Man are my jams lol

1 comment:

k.tappan said...

i love nivea
but what the fuck is going on with her hair/outfit
not the business
her interview was funny, she was just being herself