Sunday, November 30, 2008

I guess it is in your genes...

Scientists have found out that with a DNA test, you can determine what sports your child would excel at.  

Click HERE for the article.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hot Older Men

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these older men are SUPER scrumptious:

CNN's Anderson Cooper (aka The Silver Fox)

Dr. Drew Pinsky from MTV's Celebrity Rehab and Sex with Mom and Dad

George Clooney

Colin Farrell

Brad Pitt


Pharrell Williams

Daniel Sunjata

Bruce Willis

and my #1 FAVORITE older hottie is. . .

That's right. Will Smith. THE Fresh Prince. I honestly think he looks sexier with age.  And how adorable of a husband and father is he? Gosh, I love him so much lol

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I just LOVE these two!
Drake in the December 2008 VIBE magazine
Hello people.
So I've been unbelievably busy since I made the last post in the early AM of the marvelous day that goes down in history, better known as November 4th, 2008 the day BARACK OBAMA became the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!!! woo hoo!!! ANYWHOOO, so I've been studying my ass off and working on projects and essays for the past month because, hey, I gotsta do well in the scholastics department, ya digg? 

Sorry for talking oddly, I'm just in an odd mood. lol. Ok so it's time to play catch up.  Here is what has been happening directly and indirectly in my life:
1. Barack Obama became president
2. I finally visited home after so long
3. I realized who my best friend is, even though i've known that for years but I put things into perspective and have an understanding of who I can and cannot trust
4. I'm still very much obsessed with Drake
5. Drake keeps coming out with hot shit, so don't be the last to know
6. Christmas is almost here (my favorite time of year!)
7. annd still single...not so exciting lol

Ya, that was pretty much just a list of personal things.  I am going to get personal on here from time to


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th 2008

Today is one of the most monumental days in history.  To be able to have the final decision be between a black man and a white man for the role of presidency is unbelievable.  I am so nervous as to what the result will be.  In case you didn't know, I am pro Obama.  Not because I'm black but because of the principles he stands for and the issues he is trying to CHANGE.  


and VOTE NO ON 8!  Seriously guys, no one should be told who they can and cannot marry.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Funniest Blog EVER

This blog is beyond hilarious.  There are pictures from clubs of people in horrible outfits and even pictures of people taking horrible pics of themselves (like half naked next to a toilet full of poo).

Seriously, I've been looking at this for 45 minutes and can't stop laughing.  It's harsh but you know that your saying the same thing in your head.


Everyday, I continuously reflect on the events that had transpired that day (and sometimes earlier on).  I generally like to analyze what happened to see if I went wrong somewhere or if I did something right.  Well this weekend was full of self reflection and analyzing friendships, and I came to a conclusion:  You will have people smile in your face and stab you in the back.  I know that's an age old saying but it became more apparent to me with someone who I had considered a close (actually, a best) friend.  When you ever have an inclination that something is wrong with a friendship or how you are being treated, chances are, there is something wrong. 

The old me would automatically eliminate this person out of my life but because I have gotten older and smarter I realize it's best to just be cordial and move on with my day and just know that I can't trust that person--ever.  But hey, sh*t happens.  I'm actually not mad or sad even though I thought I would be.  I think I realized that everything our friendship was based upon was on lies.  Therefore, I can't feel sad about me separating myself. 

Sorry to get all emo-esque and what not but I felt the need to express this because it's a common part of life that everyone goes through at least once in their lives.

So ya...