Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pharrell Wants His Mickey D's

This occurred at a Parisian McDonalds. Apparently, they were closing/closed and he wanted some grub so he decided to serenade the ladies to get what he wanted.

My thoughts:
[1] This was hilarious and this makes me love him even more
[2] I recently pulled something like this at a Chipotle...but I got what I wanted
[3] If I had Pharrell singing to me I would've hooked him up with a cheeseburger. It's PHARRELL, how could you not comply??
[4] That sucks that they walked out on him to get the police. WOMP WOMP

I guess Pharrell isn't as popular overseas as we thought ...

1 comment:

GahbreeL said...

as much as i love pharrell, i thought this was absolutely ridiculous. he looked a little..."fabulous" and he lost his damn mind prancing around like a ballerina lol ... okay dont yell at me too much for this comment, just know that deep down i do love him :)