Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I just LOVE these two!
Drake in the December 2008 VIBE magazine
Hello people.
So I've been unbelievably busy since I made the last post in the early AM of the marvelous day that goes down in history, better known as November 4th, 2008 the day BARACK OBAMA became the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!!! woo hoo!!! ANYWHOOO, so I've been studying my ass off and working on projects and essays for the past month because, hey, I gotsta do well in the scholastics department, ya digg? 

Sorry for talking oddly, I'm just in an odd mood. lol. Ok so it's time to play catch up.  Here is what has been happening directly and indirectly in my life:
1. Barack Obama became president
2. I finally visited home after so long
3. I realized who my best friend is, even though i've known that for years but I put things into perspective and have an understanding of who I can and cannot trust
4. I'm still very much obsessed with Drake
5. Drake keeps coming out with hot shit, so don't be the last to know
6. Christmas is almost here (my favorite time of year!)
7. annd still single...not so exciting lol

Ya, that was pretty much just a list of personal things.  I am going to get personal on here from time to


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