Monday, February 16, 2009

just stop, PLEASE

I know that blogs can be used as online journals or as websites that cater to what you want to say, but don't act like people won't ever see it.  it's on the internet, and virtually anything can be found on here....don't put all of your personal information with your name and everyone else's name that know you in blog posts (you know everyone in the world can look at it) but then when they ask about your blog you say it's personal and that it isn't meant to be seen by anyone but yourself...
JUST. STOP. PLEASE. you sound stupid.

another thing: don't try to point out how you are being grammatically correct but then FAIL profusely by making many grammar mistakes throughout the whole blog.  I don't have a major issue with people using improper grammar on blogs, just don't try to make it seem like you are on point with your grammar when you really aren't!

also, don't try to make intense metaphors or analogies that don't make sense, or just are full of crap. get over yourself. you are not deep. point blank.

that's all for now.