Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Passion

Here's a little tidbit about me: I
LOVE taking pictures.  I guess you can say I am a photographer.  Ever since I got my new camera for my birthday last year I've been snapping non-stop.  Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time and I have even taken classes to refine my craft.  My appreciation for all types of cameras include polaroid, manual, pinhole, point and shoot, and slr.  I currently own the Nikon D40 (that's my first born) and now I'm looking to add to my memory capturing devices.  I really want to post my pics up on here of some of my photos but I don't want people stealing them and claiming them as their own (that has happened before).  Who knows, I might drop some here and there.  

The Nikon D700 (pictured above) is beyond redunkulous.  It's the next camera I want to add to my collection.  The zoom on it is bananas and the clarity and pixel amount is amazing. Here is an example shot: 

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