Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Newest Obsession

When I was younger I used to watch this show and since it has come back onto Nick @ Nite I get to watch it all the time. I absolutely LOVE Fran Fine (played by Fran Drescher)!! She is one of my idols. Like for real, for real. She's gorgeous, hilarious, and so sweet. She reminds me of this (or is it this past?) generation's Lucille Ball. I watch this show every night. It helps to keep me sane. And Mr. Sheffield is pretty scrumptious, with his British accent and silver forelock (yum!). I low-key want to be Fran lol.

If you have never seen this show, I recommend you do. It's so well written and the other cast members are just as funny. Shows like these give me hope that written shows will rise again and defeat the "reality" shows... but...

...I still watch those drama/trashy/fake "reality shows. guilty as charged lol

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