Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Newest Obsession[s]

For that past month or so I have acquired some new likings and obsessions, of course.

Ok so I originally was like "No I have absolutely no interest in this show.  I don't really want to watch it.." yadda ya the excuses continue. After while my really good friend would always bring up incidents that happened on the show but stop herself mid-sentence because I wouldn't get the joke.  So one night when there was absolutely nothing to do she coaxed me into watching at least one episode.....AND FROM THAT POINT ON I WAS HOOKED. I stayed up every night until 4 am trying to finish every disc.  It took me about 2 weeks because I had work and stuff but honestly, it was the best two weeks ever. I laughed my ass off every episode and I damn near cried during the emotional moments. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH FRIENDS FROM BEGINNING TO END. Best 10 years ever.

Now this one isn't an obsession (yet) but I am starting to really like this show.  House is randomly hot (weird, i know, but whatever) and he is ridiculously sarcastic and BRILLIANT.  He's low key fucked up because some stuff happened in his life which makes him sorta bitter which = his sarcasm.  Nonetheless, the show is really good and I love me some Omar Epps (Love & Basketball, The Wood...ya know, all the classics)

I had to save the best for last....

OHMYGIDDYGODGOODNESS!! Today I was watching tv with the FamBam and they had it on CNN.  Low and behold this butterscotch goodness with the creamy complexion, smile to melt hearts, voice to drop panties, eyes to mesmerize, and swagga on ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TRILLION was reporting the news. My brain said HotDiggityDamn homeboy is FOINE!
Let's discuss how amazing this man is. 
1)He's 31 (older, but young enough for me...don't judge lol)
2)A college graduate
3)He's a newscaster for CNN
4)He has a sense of humor
5)When he doesn't have to work he likes rockin jeans and shirt & he watches football and basketball
6)he is attached to his Blackberry and Ipod (a man after my own heart)
7)he likes sweets & i love to bake--so you do the math
8)he works out 5 days a week to keep that physique on POINT.

There are probably more things that are incredible about him but I just became obsessed with him like 12hrs ago.

And PLEASE BELIEVE, if I meet him in person I will try to spit game, ya digg? lol

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