Thursday, October 16, 2008

High School Yearbook Photo. . .?

Lately all of my friends have been taking this "old yearbook pictures" on but I had forgotten the site.  So the Google loving person that I am looked up online 'high school yearbook picture'....and this is what came up lol. 

The site that I got it from says that's similar to what happened to them but this was under the category of "Best High School Yearbook Photo Ever".  Now we don't know if this is really a yearbook photo..but damn.  This is ridiculous.  Here is everything wrong with this photo: 1) They are topless 2) Homeboy has the bleached, gelled, and brushed forward hairstyle that Eminem rocked over a decade ago 3) THIS CHICK IS PREGGERS!

WTF where they thinking?!?! And to be smiling like this is normal!! *SMH*


Anonymous said...

and he's grabbing her preggers' ass

Anonymous said...

The gay looks like he will come out of the closet sometime after he lost all contact with the homophobes he hung out with in high school.

Anonymous said...

Needs even moar bloom effect

Anonymous said...

There are really 2 things wrong with this picture. We don't know when the picture was taken. He could be the guy that Eminem got the hairstyle from.